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We know having a lawn full of weeds can be a little embarrassing.

Having an unhealthy lawn…

Destroys curb appeal

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Can be an overall eyesore

Creates unnecessary anxiety

An improved lawn is the biggest improvement you can make for your Bellevue home.

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Whether you’re in need of a complete lawn transformation or simply want to maintain an already beautiful lawn and have exceptional customer service, we are your guide to the best lawn care services in Bellevue – it’s what we love to do.


I started using Pure Turf in 2014 when I moved and wanted my new yard to really look ‘next level good’. I cannot say enough good things about David & Pure Turf! He had a plan for my yard & delivered on every promise. A very honest & reputable company that I felt good about then, and they continue to deliver year after year.

-Bo P.

Take back control of your lawn with a Pure Turf Lawn Care Plan.

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Greater Nashville area lawns transformed


Lawn Care Programs we offer in Bellevue, TN

We offer 3 lawn programs that get proven results. Once we evaluate your lawn in person, and discuss your goals and budget, we’ll make a program recommendation. 


The Foundation of a Great Lawn
✓ Balanced Fertilization
✓ Pre-Emergent
✓ Broadleaf Weed Control
✓ Micronutrients
✓ Armyworm Protection
✓ Grub Control
✓ Double Core Aeration
✓ Premium Seed Blend
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A Great Foundation + Disease Prevention OR Elite Nutrition
✓ Balanced Fertilization
✓ Pre-Emergent
✓ Broadleaf Weed Control
✓ Micronutrients
✓ Armyworm Protection
✓ Grub Control
✓ Double Core Aeration
✓ Premium Seed Blend
Choose one:
(1) Lawn Disease Prevention
(2) Elite Custom Fertilizer and Liquid Soil Conditioner


The Ultimate Lawn Care Plan- Bellevue's Best
✓ Balanced Fertilization
✓ Pre-Emergent
✓ Broadleaf Weed Control
✓ Micronutrients
✓ Armyworm Protection
✓ Grub Control
✓ Double Core Aeration
✓ Premium Seed Blend
✓ Lawn Disease Prevention
✓ Elite Custom Fertilizer
✓ Liquid Soil Conditioner

No matter what you love doing in your backyard, having a beautiful lawn makes everything better.

“I’ve used Pureturf for over a decade now. David and his team have always been responsive to my needs and my yard always looks impeccable. I would highly recommend.” 

-Jason & Jackie

Frequently Asked Questions About Bellevue Lawn Care

Do you require contracts?

Never. For your convenience, all of our services are performed on a continual basis. We never require contracts, but if we earn your business, please let us know by email if you would like to make any changes to your chosen lawn care plan.

What if it rains right after you treat my lawn?

Rain after a treatment is almost always a good thing. It can activate the pre-emergent and can help the root zone absorb the fertilizer and organic materials. However, if there is heavy rainfall immediately following a treatment, it could have a negative impact on the weed control product. If the weeds do not begin to curl within 2 weeks, let us know. We may need to re-treat your lawn at no charge to you.

What are your irrigation recommendations?

Having an irrigation system is a huge advantage, but it can potentially cause more harm than good. Each system must be properly calibrated to apply the correct amount of water at the proper time. Daily watering and evening irrigation can both promote diseases, like Brown patch. The rule of thumb is to provide your lawn with 1 inch of water per week with as few watering sessions as possible. We recommend 1-3 times per week only during the early morning hours. If you decide to water twice a week, you’ll need to make sure each zone in your lawn is receiving 1/2 inch of water each time the irrigation runs. The only way to know how long each zone should run is to scatter empty (tuna) cans throughout the zone and to let the system run until the proper amount of water is in each can. This process takes some effort, but it assures your system is properly calibrated. No matter how good your irrigation system is, nothing beats a slow, steady rain.

Irrigating after seeding and aeration is different. Frequent short watering (2-3) times a day is ideal for about 2 weeks. This will encourage the seeds to germinate quickly and become established. After 2 weeks resume a normal irrigation schedule.

How long should I stay off the grass after a treatment?

We just ask that you stay off the lawn until the treatment is dry. Typically, that takes an hour or less.

How long should I wait before mowing the lawn after a treatment?

Please wait at least 24 hours before mowing the lawn after a treatment. This allows the weed control product to be absorbed by the weeds.

How do you handle billing?

We email all invoices the last day of each month. You can simply mail a check, or follow the link provided in the email to pay by credit card online.

Where can I find quality topsoil?

Southern Nurseries – 615-824-4444 and ask for Kurt.

What Other Areas Do You Service?

We service all lawns throughout the greater Nashville area, including:

Want to learn more about Bellevue?

We all know that delightful feeling of bare feet on fresh, thick grass. That feeling you get when you see a yard so green and lush that it seems to be calling you to come play, have a picnic, and fully enjoy its beauty and texture. Would you like a yard like this for your Bellevue home? 

An unhealthy lawn is something many people experience, but it instantly lowers a home’s curb appeal and property value. But it doesn’t need to be this way! The team at Pure Turf would love to take turn that unhealthy lawn into one busting with life and lushness. 

With Pure Turf, you will never need to sign contracts and you will see progress on your lawn in just a few weeks! Call today to get a free estimate! 

If you are a Bellevue, TN, you are likely familiar with the various attractions near the neighborhood, including the following: 

  •  Percy Warner Park 
  • Warner Park Nature Center
  • Harpeth River Greenway Bellevue Exchange Club
  • Harpeth River State Park – Hidden Lake 
  • Luke Lea heights Scenic Overlook 
  • Deep Well Trailhead – Warner Park

The anticipated opening of One Bellevue Place will provide a central place for eating, shopping, and entertainment. 

Bellevue is located about 13 miles southwest of Nashville. With a population of about 77,862 people, experienced significant growth over the last 20 years with increased suburbanization and the building of Highway 100.

A real estate company working in the Bellevue area noted the following: 

“The Bellevue neighborhood is located a little more than 10 miles southwest of Downtown Nashville, in Davidson County. This area is continuing to increase in value as more and more buyers are looking for homes near the downtown core without paying downtown prices! But Bellevue is more than just a convenient location. Once a farming community, its open spaces, and other family-friendly amenities make Bellevue the ideal place to settle down.”

Pure Turf, LLC is proud to serve all of Bellevue, TN, zip code 37221, and the surrounding areas!

Also, see what Mindy said about our lawn care:

“We moved into a house in which the previous owners did nothing to care for the yard. It was all weeds. After calling many places, I found David Patton with Pure Turf. Best decision I made! He replied quickly, answered all of my questions, did NOT try to sell me things I didn’t need and pricing was VERY reasonable! My yard has never looked better. I have referred people who have been extremely happy and would not hesitate to recommend him to others. I highly recommend!”

Complete Lawn Care Services in Bellevue, TN

Most homeowners are overwhelmed with the process involved in creating a beautiful lawn. Pure Turf does this for you so you can stop working in your yard and start enjoying it.